Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 13 and 14 - Three Dishes Using Six New Recipes

This weekend we set out to make three new dishes.

We made Potage au Cresson (Water-cress Soup), Creme Plombieres au Chocolat (Chocolate Cream), and Oeufs en Croustades a la Bearnaise (Poached Eggs and Mushrooms, Bearnaise Sauce).

We started with the Water-cress Soup which is very similar to the Leek and Potato soup that we made on day 1. The biggest difference was that we had to add Water-cress. We had no idea what Water-cress was. So we went to the grocery store and asked around. They gave us a little plant that we kept on our kitchen counter for several days. The soup was very yummy.

Then we made carmelized almonds for the chocolate dessert. Last week we tried to make caramel three times and failed every time. :( This time we were determined to get it right. It turned out amazingly awesome!!!! So yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Then we made the poached egg dish. For this, we had to make little tart shells. We made the pastry dough and formed it into the tart thingy. Then we poached the eggs and made the Bernaise sauce. The Bernaise sauce was going great and thickening.... But then we got the sauce just a little too hot and the eggs and the texture became all wrong. It was still tasty.

We finished the night off with chocolate cream. YUMMY!!!!!!!

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