Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 20 ~ Two Dishes Using Five New Recipes (1-23-10)

Today we made Tarte Aux Pommes (Apple Tart). This dish used the recipes Pate Brisee Sucree (Sweet Short Paste), Sweet Short Paste Shells, Strained Apricot Preserves, and the apple tart recipe. When we were done, we used the leftover dough to make Galettes Sablees (Sugar Cookies).

We got the idea to make the apple tart because my grandmother had dropped off a few bags of apples the day before and we had more apples then we knew what to do with. I didn't know that when you do the food processor only to pulse it a few times. There was flour in it and I full on pressed the button down and the flour came poofing out. The apple tart turned out well and I had lots of fun decorating the top with apple slices. DO NOT USE RUM!!! Use apple brandy. We have made this recipe a few times and the rum is all you taste. The apple brandy gives it a nice, sweet taste.

The sugar cookies were quick, easy, and tasty.

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